Whether you’re looking for an expert food stylist who knows how to make food look mouth-watering on camera or a highly creative recipe developer with refined taste buds and a qualified understanding of the science behind her work … you’ve come to the right place! I am a London-based freelance Home Economist with over twenty years’ experience in styling food for commercials and stills photography; the development and testing recipes and food consultancy.

My photographic work has featured in advertising, packaging and editorial and I’ve developed and tested recipes for magazines, part-works, promotional material and back-of-pack instructions. Personally, I’m conscientious and work well under pressure. I enjoy working as a team with both photographer and client to ensure that the highest possible standards are achieved on time and to budget. I enjoy my work and believe this is reflected in both my extensive portfolio and my ongoing excellent relations with photographers, suppliers, designers and editors.

My Work

Creative Food Styling & Consultancy
Making food look good – and remain that way – through the lens, under the lights and until the photographer is ready to weave his or her own special magic, is a unique combination of art, science and invention. I enjoy finding innovative solutions to the inevitable challenges posed by this unusual medium and pride myself on my creativity, patience and attention to detail. I can track down the most visually appealing ingredients and also have my own extensive database of suppliers for the widest range of food props and botanicals for those inevitable out-of-season requests. I am happy to work with the photographer of your choice or can introduce you to several highly regarded photographers with whom I have a close working relationship.

Recipe Development & Testing
Whilst having a highly creative approach to recipe development, I have an appreciation and understanding of world food cultures, social demographics, nutrition and dietary needs as well as an awareness of current food trends. I have extensive experience working for a variety of clients, writing in different house styles and devising recipes for differing needs; from concise back-of-pack recipe instructions to comprehensive step-by-step recipes for first time cooks. Whilst working to the inevitable tight deadlines, each recipe is thoroughly tested by adjusting the ingredients, measures and methodology to arrive at the best possible result: an achievable recipe that looks good and tastes great.

Working with the moving image, be it commercials, social media or TV, creates a new set of challenges. With a bigger, more specialised team, it is important to be in tune with the wider group; whilst keeping a close eye on the client’s requirements. Having a great sense of colour, light and design enables me to create the drama that the director is aiming for, helping them capture and emphasise the natural beauty of the product, presented on cue, at its best and most appetising.

Location Hire
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Contact Me
If you have a specific project you’d like to discuss or would like some advice about food styling or recipe development, please feel free to get in touch.

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